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The Tango in the United States by Carlos G. Groppa. 232 pages, 60 photographs, notes, bibliography, index. This work chronicles the history of the tango in the United States covering the dancers, musicians, and composers who were promoting it. Vernon and Irene Castle, Valentino, Arthur Murray, Xavier Cugat, Hollywood movies, the Big Bands, jazz singers who sung tangos with English lyrics, and many others parade for the book together with Argentinean musicians -Carlos Gardel, Francisco Canaro, Osvaldo Fresedo, Astor Piazzolla- who performed in the country. Order:


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Vol. XXIV, No. 232 - Nov. - Dec. 2019.. Cover 232
The music of Buenos Aires and the Tango greatest figures parade for the pages of TANGO Reporter in stories written for the most competitive authors of nowadays tango.
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